Best Bitcoin mixer? Grams Helix, Bitmixer or Bitblender..?

Many people ask themselves what is the best bitcoin mixer 2017!

But I say even more important is to ask

How do I find a honest, TRUSTWORTHY Bitcoin mixer & blender that is not STEALING my money, that is not run by the chinese government, or some other authority???

Who keeps no logs?

So you see, lets say you mix your half-legit bitcoins today from wallet A to wallet B.

Now in blockchain info there is no link. But what if Grams keeps a log? What if Bitblender keeps a log? What if bitmixer keeps a log?

Then Authorities only need to contact the tumbler owners (if they can find them) and before the bitcoin mixer owners go to jail for YOUR 1 bitcoin……. shut down their service for YOUR 1 bitcoin…

They will rather co-operate and give the authorities the logs.

No they wont go to jail for your 1 bitcoin and no they wont shut down their biz for your 1 bitcoin.

Now of course you can use several mixers, use other methods too, then its more safe. But why use a bitcoin tumbler when its not sure if they log or not? That is INSECURE! It might even get so far, that you were never a suspect but now you have used a mixer that makes you a suspect!

The only mixer so far that is known to keep no logs is – make sure you go this URL only as there is many fakes was rather respected in the community also, but they shut down their service. can be found here. This is the ONLY official url! Make sure you do not visit the wrong site! There is some reports of selected scamming, where they will work correctly on smaller transactions, but do steal the huge, whale transactions. But generally they are considered reliable. If you have big amounts to tumble, like 50 BTC or 100 BTC it is suggested you split this into several smaller transactions just to be safe. is another mixer but not much is known about the owners, they seem to be reliable tho. It might be a problem that they are in the EU (if they are in the EU) as the EU, especially the dutch, work well together with many other countries nowadays (HANSA MARKET!!). But so far from tests, coinmixer is working nice and deletes logs after 1 week.


So safest right now would be, as the owner reside somewhere near new zealand which has liberal laws and is safe for EU, US and Asia customers. They still have not extradicted kimdotcom. They can also do really large amounts and nobody knows their true identities. So no law enforcement could ever wrongly investigate them, plus they keep no logs thru some new technology.

There is also other safe ways, like use a NEW, non-registered phone/tablet in a public wifi with mycelium or another wallet, and just transfer coins around while having a nice coffee or tea. For more safety, use several tablets. Depending on the amounts/risk just throw them away or give to some homeless guy afterwards. You can put the mycelium apk on a sd card so dont even need to connect to google play. After transfering your bitcoins, it makes sense to get rid of the tablet depending on your amounts of BTC you need to secure.

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